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Who we are and what you get

dandelon.com is an independent academic library catalogue produced by a sharing community of libraries in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We capture tables of contents of printed and electronic books and run AI based translation in 135 languages and deep indexing. So you can search more specific than with normal library subject indexing. Main subjects areas are social science, economics, natural science, life science, technologies and art as well as regional literature about Western, Eastern and Northern Europe and South America. About 10.000 items are added monthly. There are links to holding libraries and the KVK for searching holdings at other libraries globally or at booksellers. Some libraries extract article references from printed periodicals, often not available online elsewhere.
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Seven good reasons for dandelon.com

1. Deep indexing for more specific search results

2. No fees for private use

3. We do never misuse your user data

4. There is no advertising

5. Monitor latest additions in realtime before you deliver your papers or thesis, use button "Created 2 days"

6. Connects you to libraries for physical access

7. Automatic display of content

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Our software intelligentSEARCH

dandelon.com is based on intelligentSEARCH, an AGI application build with HCL Domino and Elastic Search. Fields and files in the documents are indexed in real time. The interface emphasizes the importance of a dialog for getting precise results, please use the facets for refining the search and do not hesitate to use field searching and advanced search syntax. Search results automatically display tables of content (TOC) and highlight your search terms, in case you use FireFox and Adobe Acrobat. The large blue buttons moves you to next or previous TOC. Enlarge thumbnails of front pages, read abstracts, use translations of contents, get permalinks for forwarding or reuse, open the full text of eBooks at publisher websites. For library lending open the link to the catalog of the libraries producing this content or check other libraries globally at KVK (books) or ZDB (articles). Put items via an export in RIS format to your personal reference manager. Articles can be displayed in the order of the printed TOC, good for finding related content in the same issue. intelligentSEARCH fits as well to closed user groups with non-public content (text, video etc.) and has a library management functionality for physical items.